Digital Entrepreneurs choose CoreStats to shape their investments.

CoreStats is the most accurate measurement platform for entrepreneurs who want to grow their applications. CoreStats allows you to measure all aspects of your applications. It improves user experience and application performance. It provides all the data you need by quantifying all metrics. It analyzes your existing data and offers you solutions.

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How It Works ?
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How It Works ?

Basic Statistics; It allows developer companies and independent developers to improve their investments after the product is released. It measures all aspects of the application in terms of user experience and performance. You can use CoreStats to measure mobile and tabletop games, websites, mobile applications, e-commerce sites, briefly all web-based applications.

Accurate Data Analysis

Get CoreStats

Request a demo from CoreStats and start experimenting. If you have decided which package is suitable for you, pay and install.


Set Metrics

Define the metrics you want to measure, enter the date range you want to measure the metrics, and let CoreStats do all the analysis for you.


Just Watch & Develop

Examine the metrics CoreStats analyzes and get going. Listen to CoreStats' artificial intelligence suggestions when you can't get out of it.

Explore CoreStats Features

It only takes a few minutes to integrate your app and then start tracking your data in our tool.

Nano Details, Macro Overview.

Dive deep into any part of your web-based application

We help app and game developers create more engaging and immersive experiences with a deep understanding of their most fundamental metrics. Get all the standard metrics you need to start improving your site or game from the most reliable source.Focus the whole picture with CoreStats…

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Real-time Analytics

Monitor your data in real time

For top developers, it's all about time. CoreStats gives you the ability to make quick decisions based on reliable data. All data in the CoreStats Dashboard is reported in real time, including aggregated and cohort and funnel data. Being able to evaluate data instantly and make quick decisions provides a competitive advantage.

Unlimited Event Creation

Customizable Assignment Between Events

Thanks to the ability to add user-customizable events on the game and application side; CoreStats notifies you for all KPIs and Events that it can monitor, at the threshold ranges you set.

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Request a free demo to experience CoreStats and take the right steps with the right data.

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